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New materials industry has become the new growth e [2019/9/27]
  Recently, Donghua University and Keqiao District signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and Dongh
The time is ripe for China Textile to move towards [2019/8/8]
  Sun Ruizhe, president of the China National Textile and Apparel Council, said at the "2019 China Tex
Type of polypropylene thread [2019/6/21]
  A Chinese brand name of a synthetic fiber isotactic polypropylene fiber obtained by using petroleum
After the rapid destocking, can the market of stra [2019/6/21]
  Since the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, the process of de-stocking of the direct-spinning polyester
China Textile City market continued to shrink, the [2019/5/29]
  The “China·Keqiao Textile Index” 20190527 textile price index closed at 106.00 points, down 0.12% fr
The basic introduction of polypropylene filament p [2019/5/17]
  Polypropylene wire specifications: 500D polypropylene fiber advantages: high strength, light weight,
China’s economy is under pressure and its foundati [2019/5/17]
  At present, the Chinese economy is in the process of stabilizing the bottom, but the pressure on thi
Junchi polypropylene fiber products basic introduc [2019/4/15]
  The basic introduction of polypropylene filament products produced by Tengzhou Junchi Textile Co., L
China's textile [2019/4/15]
  In the face of frequent trade frictions, large fluctuations in the RMB exchange rate, labor shortage
The impact of Sino-US trade negotiations on cotton [2019/3/4]
  Since the beginning of trade friction between China and the United States last year, seven rounds of
China Textile City: Spring nyl [2019/3/4]
  Since the opening of the Lunar New Year in the China Textile City Market, since the opening of the e
Introduction of Junchi Polypropylene High Strength [2019/1/10]
  (1) Polypropylene high-strength wire is applied to ropesThe rope made of polypropylene high-strength
US stocks strong three Lianyang Dow rose more than [2019/1/10]
  The stock market rally eased investor concerns about the future. The CBOE “Volatility Index” (VIX, a
In the context of the decline in overall demand, w [2019/1/3]
  In recent years, the polyester industry has changed a lot: the production capacity has accelerated,
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