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High strength silk braided cord rope Inquiry

Product Name:Solid braid rope
Structure:8,16,24-  Braided rope, Diamond Braided rope, Solid Braided rope, Hollow Braided rope, Double Braided rope
Color Series:Red, Orange, blue, Raw white etc

1) abrasion resistance
2)light, floatable and highly resistant to most chemicals.ideal for docking, clothing,anchoring or pulling
3) Higher Abrasion resistance
4) Shock absorption
5) Excellent wet strength retention
6) Balanced and easy to handle
7) Superior working in rigorous conditions
1.Safety Float, Anchor & Mooring Lines For Small Craft.
2.Mooring & Barge Lines.
3.Ship Docking, Alongside Towing & Tie-downs/hauling.
4.Tying Of Truck & Barrier.
5.Submersible Pumps And Many More
7.Building Industries

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